Meaning of imaginarily in English:



See imaginary

‘Symbolically excluded, imaginarily plagued by the fury of vanishment, yet omnipresent, disgust marks the position of a tabooed reality: one that never stops returning to the field of the aesthetic in order once again to be ejected.’
  • ‘For him, of course, a crucial analytical sleight of words is needed to disentangle this collapse of the symbolic ego ideal and the ideal ego fixed on the imaginarily loaded object.’
  • ‘Her sapphire gaze traveled across the room as if watching a film of her own past imaginarily.’
  • ‘The bystanders also imaginarily expand the scene beyond the picture frame: it is as if the gift, dropped like a stone, rippled from the inner court to the outer household and, beyond, to the city of Paris.’
  • ‘Even though I am in a happy relationship I plan on purchasing two imaginary girlfriends in the near future so that I can imaginarily cheat on one of them.’