Meaning of imbecilic in English:


Pronunciation /ɪmbɪˈsɪlɪk/


See imbecile

‘It is a multi-million-dollar studio movie, but it is categorically, the stupidest, most inane, imbecilic movie I've ever seen.’
  • ‘It showed a puerile and imbecilic side of the internet that I've never encountered before - and hope never to again.’
  • ‘I was accused of being stiff, spoiled, pompous, upper crusted, bitter, angry, negative, imbecilic, and even crazy.’
  • ‘The decisions of the King will turn out to be more brainless, stupid, foolish, senseless, and imbecilic.’
  • ‘To say that the proposition is imbecilic is not to derogate the intelligence of the folks whose political maneuvers have brought us to this pass.’