Meaning of imine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪmiːn/


mass nounChemistry
  • An organic compound containing the group —C=NH or —C=NR where R is an alkyl or other group.

    ‘These compounds, widely distributed among freshwater and marine organisms, are cyclohexenone or cyclohexenimine rings conjugated with imine or amino acids substituents.’
    • ‘Well-known covalent immobilization involves the formation of disulfide, imine, or amide bonds.’
    • ‘This reaction probably involves proton transfer followed by electron transfer, which is the reason that the protonated imine is easier to reduce than the aldehyde.’
    • ‘The positive charge of the chromophore is localized primarily in the imine region of the chromophore and is stabilized by two nearby aspartic acid residues.’
    • ‘The optical density of the imine solution was adjusted to approximately 1 at the excitation wavelength.’


Late 19th century from amine, on the pattern of the pair amide, imide.