Meaning of imitatively in English:



See imitative

‘By the end of the first half of the concert, when the group performed the Credo from this Mass, some tuning problems had crept in, especially in the opening measures of sections when only one or two parts were beginning imitatively.’
  • ‘Several language acquisition studies show that children as young as eighteen months can combine all of the types of intention reading we have discussed above while imitatively learning novel words.’
  • ‘It imitatively lifted the idea, without noticing that because the New Zealand tax system is pay-as-you-earn, one pays taxes all the year.’
  • ‘In music the word denotes a composition in which three or more voices (very rarely two) enter imitatively one after the other, each ‘giving chase’ to the preceding voice.’
  • ‘The Tam O'Shanter theme heard earlier is treated imitatively, building up to an impressive coda.’