Meaning of immanence in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪmənəns/

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‘If we seek transcendence without honouring immanence, we naturally take flight from materiality except when matter conforms to some notion of aesthetic appropriateness, which is nothing other than prevailing social convention.’
  • ‘God is experienced as radical transcendence and radical immanence.’
  • ‘The immanence of terror, regardless of its source, is evident not only in the protagonists' behavior, but also in their choice of methods, pathological copies of the enemy like those made by a retrovirus of the attacked cell.’
  • ‘That explains why a regime of immanence has to be delivered with the forceps of a revolutionary fervour and needs to replace education, reflection, information and analysis with propaganda.’
  • ‘One of his parishioners, a fisherman with three children and a pregnant wife, is in a state of depression, deepened by the immanence in the world of nuclear-bomb threats.’