Meaning of immemorially in English:



See immemorial

‘At times there is an overpowering sense of Eden to Angkor-the virgin light falling through the trees, the houses on stilts above the green paddies, the water buffalo chomping along immemorially beside Tonle Sap lake.’
  • ‘Only by understanding the nature of traditional architecture, honed immemorially by humankind's relationship to nature, can we begin to make sustainable buildings.’
  • ‘There are good psychological and symbolic reasons why some parties want the cattle to be prehistoric and immemorially wild, but the scientific studies do not bear out these claims.’
  • ‘But Physiocrats argued that freedom would create greater abundance, thereby banishing the fears immemorially associated with famine.’
  • ‘It has immemorially in Europe been the business of monarchs and their servants, and history has largely been the narrative of their doings.’