Meaning of imminence in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪmɪnəns/

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mass noun
  • The state or fact of being about to happen.

    ‘the populace was largely unaware of the imminence of war’
    • ‘The rating must also consider the imminence of the threat or the opportunity.’
    • ‘I claim no prize for predicting five years ago the imminence of something that finally happened the last few weeks.’
    • ‘The pre-emptive action has to be proportionate to the significance and imminence of the threat.’
    • ‘How concerned should be we be about the imminence of an earthquake there?’
    • ‘Informed sources are indicating that after next weekend the imminence of the elections will effectively end any space for agreement.’
    • ‘A nation perceives the inevitability but not the imminence of an attack.’
    • ‘More than three insiders buying or selling may just indicate the imminence of positive or negative news.’
    • ‘His characters live with the imminence of catastrophe on a daily basis.’
    • ‘Rent reviews tend to run in five-year cycles, so if the rent being paid seems low for the location, assess the imminence and likely impact of the next review.’
    • ‘The very imminence of war has already galvanized the peace movement.’