Meaning of imminently in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪmɪnəntli/

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  • Very soon.

    ‘an announcement is expected imminently’
    • ‘A government spokeswoman said a replacement for him would be announced "imminently".’
    • ‘We don't believe anything is going to happen imminently.’
    • ‘Her decision is due "imminently".’
    • ‘Three more restaurants have opened and more are scheduled to open imminently.’
    • ‘Once this document is signed - which is expected imminently - it's obviously too late to change anything.’
    • ‘We are expecting the completion of the first two imminently.’
    • ‘Is this something that you expect to happen imminently?’
    • ‘An inspection is expected imminently.’
    • ‘Decisions are due imminently.’
    • ‘He believes that a fight is imminently about to start.’


The adverbs imminently and eminently are often confused. Imminently means ‘very soon’ (a general election may be announced imminently), while eminently means ‘to a notable degree; very’ (the book is topical and informative and eminently readable)