Meaning of immortelle in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪmɔːˈtɛl/


  • 1

    another term for everlasting (sense 2 of the noun)

  • 2West Indian A Caribbean tree of the pea family, with a spiny trunk and clusters of red, orange, or pinkish flowers.

    Genus Erythrina, family Leguminosae: two species

    ‘Workers cut an immortelle tree which toppled across the road yesterday, after a freak storm ravaged the area.’
    • ‘I look for the sky but it is hidden from the eye by the Spanish oaks, genipas, and the giant mountain immortelles arching over the bayrum and coral trees and the pink cedars, that in turn hang over the wild birchberry and guava trees.’
    • ‘Placed diagonally across the arrangement were the words ‘Latest Edition’ in purple immortelles, surrounded by white carnations.’
    • ‘As they came down they neared a grave, where some pious friend or relative had laid a wreath of immortelles, and put a bell glass over it, as is the custom.’
    • ‘As it lay in the chancel an elegant crown of evergreens and roses, surmounted by a cross of immortelles, was placed at the head, and a wreath of japonicas and lilies at the foot of the casket.’


French (feminine adjective), literally ‘everlasting’.