Meaning of immune response in English:

immune response



  • The reaction of the cells and fluids of the body to the presence of a substance which is not recognized as a constituent of the body itself.

    ‘In the realm of immunology, substances that cause immune responses or allergic reactions are known as antigens.’
    • ‘They then migrate to lymph nodes to initiate an immune response in the T cell areas.’
    • ‘The body uses humoral and cellular immune responses to reject a transplanted graft.’
    • ‘The shots stimulate an immune response that protects against future allergic reactions.’
    • ‘And there's been enough time for evolution to have changed the genetic profile of the immune responses in different people.’
    • ‘Our bodies make much stronger immune responses to foreign cells of our own species than to cells of other species.’
    • ‘An immune response is a reaction caused by the invasion of the body by an antigen.’
    • ‘Humoral immune response is seen though not implicated in protection.’
    • ‘They will be looking for cell properties that may contribute to the faulty immune response found in lupus.’
    • ‘Ebola virus kills quickly, giving the body little time to launch an effective immune response.’
    • ‘Each specialized type of cell is responsible for a particular immune response.’
    • ‘A strong immune response is an indication that the body is fighting the cancer.’
    • ‘We now have the ability to isolate those cells in a person's body that are necessary to generate an immune response.’
    • ‘The technique measures the levels of biological molecules associated with an immune response by the body to bacteria in a wound.’
    • ‘One theory as to why these cells do not initiate an immune response in the periphery is anergy.’
    • ‘As with cryotherapy, the tissue left behind may stimulate an immune response.’
    • ‘Monocytes are crucially involved in adaptive immune responses.’
    • ‘These cells have the ability to suppress the body's natural immune response.’
    • ‘This novel vaccine induces strong cellular and antibody immune responses in animal models, including non-human primates.’
    • ‘Many different chemicals that are used in the immune response can now be made in the laboratory.’