Meaning of impactful in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪmpaktf(ʊ)l/


  • Having a major impact or effect.

    ‘an eye-catching and impactful design’
    • ‘Nonetheless, debate remains a series of discontinuous leaps, structured by impactful posting.’
    • ‘He vowed to become more loving, more inspiring, more impactful in his life, especially to his family.’
    • ‘The most impactful experiences involved standing beneath your skylight which we all know by now is a vortex.’
    • ‘Of all these roles, the most impactful is the Anthropologist.’
    • ‘People have realized that the visuals are usually the most impactful of all the five sensory organs.’
    • ‘This war is not impactful enough to raise the issue this time.’
    • ‘They will make room in their lives for you only if you are diligent in writing truly impactful blogs.’
    • ‘There are many ways to speak to someone, shouting and whispering can be very impactful in the right context.’
    • ‘Connection is the essential element to an impactful talk.’
    • ‘That is because they are cultural and entertainment reporters and they are less impactful.’
    • ‘We do a lot of regional advertising and this is the most impactful thing we have ever done.’
    • ‘We didn't know how impactful that article would be.’
    • ‘It was an impactful moment for both of us.’
    • ‘And the one day that I went was unbelievably impactful.’
    • ‘Is this the best foundation for making large, impactful decisions?’
    • ‘I found the film extremely moving and very impactful.’
    • ‘For many this can be an impactful springboard.’
    • ‘This technique distances the reader from the action, rendering some potentially impactful scenes dull and turgid.’
    • ‘As Wilson points out, full-sleeve labels not only offer more room for color but for impactful graphics.’
    • ‘A more impactful approach is automated and policy-based, so that manual steps are removed.’