Meaning of imperceptive in English:


Pronunciation /ɪmpəˈsɛptɪv/

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  • Lacking in perception or insight.

    ‘he dismissed the remark as juvenile and imperceptive’
    • ‘Why then are Mr and Mrs Bennet in the dark, and Mr Collins and Lady Catherine - the two most obtuse and imperceptive characters in the novel - all-knowing on this confidential matter?’
    • ‘That assumes - unfairly and unreasonably - that the patrons of the libraries are quite imperceptive and lacking in judgment.’
    • ‘The reasons for T's actions are explained later, but as they play out onscreen, they seem mannered and imperceptive.’
    • ‘Calling his tears ‘a mystery’ is staggeringly imperceptive, at best.’
    stupid, slow, dim-witted, dull-witted, ignorant, unintelligent, imperceptive, half-baked, vacuous, mindless, witless, obtuse, doltish, blockish, lumpish, wooden