Meaning of imperialize in English:


Pronunciation /ɪmˈpɪərɪəlʌɪz/


(also British imperialise)
[with object]
  • Subject to imperial rule or influence.

    ‘the aim of these movements was to imperialize the whole nation’
    • ‘people of an imperialized culture’
    • ‘‘They have imperialised our subconscious,’ says a character.’
    • ‘He journeys into a past it has been convenient for imperializing Europe to deny.’
    • ‘However, contacts with continental Europe, and areas that had been imperialised closer to home, meant that native rulers could take on aspects of centralisation if they wanted to.’
    • ‘In the history of Britain and Ireland this was a decisive moment, the creation of an imperializing English culture.’
    • ‘It has been read as a subtle undermining of Henry's imperializing project.’
    • ‘The program notes ascribed a savage or exotic otherness to the performers who were packaged into neatly schematised and imperialised glosses for ready consumption by the spectator.’