Meaning of imperiousness in English:


Pronunciation /ɪmˈpɪərɪəsnəs/


See imperious

‘The tired formula visited every few months on a growing number of TV viewers worldwide has become narcissistic to the extreme, and smacks of jingoism, imperiousness and patronisation.’
  • ‘Observers have known about his childish imperiousness forever and and it has been easily discerned by those in the public who care to see, in his press conferences and public appearances.’
  • ‘The lead story of every court session has been his demeanor, his defiance, his imperiousness.’
  • ‘A traditional representation of curiosity, sexuality, freedom, magic, and imperiousness, the cat is bound to feel right at home in Paris, a city that boasts of all these attributes.’
  • ‘Few of his contemporaries, perhaps, held him in higher esteem than did his constant opponent Caesar who, though often with an imperiousness which Cicero could not tolerate, was always friendly in his approach.’