Meaning of impersonator in English:


Pronunciation /ɪmˈpəːsəneɪtə/

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  • A person who pretends to be someone else for entertainment or fraud.

    ‘a well-known Elvis impersonator’
    • ‘The main character is stuck on a bus full of Lucille Ball impersonators.’
    • ‘The actor is slightly built, with a face carved from granite, and his minor lisp will be the fodder for a hundred would-be future impersonators.’
    • ‘The 1772 ban against female performers on stage created the tradition of the female impersonator (dan) in Beijing Opera.’
    • ‘Being an onnagata (female impersonator) became an honoured profession.’
    • ‘Every black female impersonator has a Tina in their repertoire of characters.’
    • ‘I've heard about Elvis impersonators that get surgery to look more like The King.’
    • ‘One skinny Michael Jackson impersonator seems unsure whether to stay or leave.’
    • ‘She felt she wasn't a drag queen or a female impersonator - she was a woman trapped in a man's body.’
    • ‘The contest is open to all performers who have not had a contract as a celebrity impersonator in the past 12 months.’
    • ‘Although women have performed as male impersonators for over a century, drag kings have only recently become something of a phenomenon.’