Meaning of impiousness in English:



See impious

‘We remember several scenes where Jesus challenges the impiousness of various priests.’
  • ‘Money has shown men how to practise villainy, and taught them impiousness in every action!’
  • ‘The impiousness of the fishwife's final ambition links her with Marlowe's Faustus as well as with Lady Macbeth.’
  • ‘Where Livy seeks to build a seamless account of Rome's noble and quasi-mythological heritage, Augustine seeks to bring to light the logical contradictions, cruelty, and impiousness of pagan Rome.’
  • ‘And it is only insofar as such prophecies were ratified by catastrophes (as, indeed, was the case from Elijah to Jeremiah) that historical events acquired religious significance; i.e., that they clearly appeared as punishments inflicted by the Lord in return for the impiousness of Israel.’