Meaning of importantly in English:


Pronunciation /ɪmˈpɔːtntli/

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  • 1sentence adverb Used to emphasize a significant point.

    ‘a non-drinking, non-smoking, and, importantly, non-political sportsman’
    • ‘Finally, and most importantly, we must consider the impact on the England team.’
    • ‘Each has particular strengths but importantly none of them are weak in any area.’
    • ‘Most importantly, he's keen to emphasise that karate is about far more than sport.’
    • ‘My costs will be considerably reduced and, more importantly, brought under control.’
    • ‘More importantly, he did not consider it to be fair that she should have any part of his future earnings.’
    • ‘More importantly, there are some great energetic tunes here that you can bop around to.’
    • ‘They felt their music was like every other indie band and, more importantly, wasn't really them.’
    • ‘I teach them to value themselves and other people and, most importantly, how to communicate.’
    • ‘Working mostly with silks, she is inspired by India and, most importantly, her customers.’
    • ‘I came out of the jungle physically stronger and, more importantly, mentally stronger.’
    • ‘It had clean towels, clean bedclothes and, most importantly, a bath with limitless hot water.’
    • ‘The solitaire version, where there are no winners and, importantly, no losers.’
    • ‘Lastly, most importantly, Americans work longer hours and have less time off.’
    • ‘Most of these people are well-to-do, have money to spend and more importantly time in which to spend it.’
    • ‘More importantly, so many of them are simply bursting with character and unique observations.’
    • ‘She was honest, down to earth, determined and, most importantly, very, very funny.’
    • ‘At least with a map you've got a chance of figuring out where you are, and more importantly how to get where you are going.’
    • ‘It's really cheap and the trains run frequently and, more importantly, on time.’
    • ‘This was a game they dominated but they could not translate that into goals and, more importantly, a win.’
    • ‘To readers old and new, we hope you like the new design and, more importantly, the new content!’
    notably, remarkably, outstandingly, importantly, seriously, crucially, materially, appreciably
  • 2In a manner designed to draw attention to one's importance.

    • ‘Kruger strutted forward importantly’