Meaning of importer in English:


Pronunciation /ɪmˈpɔːtə/

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  • 1A person or organization that brings goods or services into a country from abroad for sale.

    ‘the EU is the largest importer of agricultural products from developing countries’
    • ‘Towards the end of the month I got a two-month job with a food importer at the docks, carrying sacks.’
    • ‘The ideal way for a U.S. exporter to penetrate the French market is to deal through an importer or distributor.’
    • ‘U.S. exporters interested in Southeast Asia's food service trade should appoint a reputable importer and distributor in each of the top five markets.’
    • ‘The U.S. went from being a net pork importer to a net exporter.’
    • ‘China could become the world's largest meat importer.’
    • ‘Canada is now the largest importer of U.S. agricultural goods, displacing Japan in 2002.’
    • ‘Through fair trade, producers sell directly to importers, bypassing various intermediaries who often take the lion's share of the profits.’
    • ‘The number of importers of organic products has doubled in the past two years to around 20.’
    • ‘It is evident that his role as an importer and dealer in Japanese art was at least as important as his promotion of art nouveau.’
    • ‘He studied at evening classes at the art school whilst working for a firm of coffee importers.’
  • 2A person who introduces an idea from a different place or context.

    ‘people in underdeveloped regions have become clever importers of new knowledge’
    • ‘In the realm of Edwardian poetry the real poetic innovator was Kipling, pioneer importer of the raw material of contemporary life as subject matter for poetic treatment.’
    • ‘The sonnet's chief English importers were Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503 - 42) and Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (1515 - 47), who had generally translated their Italian originals not only into English but into a different shape of sonnet.’
    • ‘Intellectual property issues will be more important in coming years as the knowledge economy develops, although Australia will for many years ahead be a net importer of intellectual property rather than a net exporter.’
    • ‘He is one of the most sought-after DJ/producers in the world of club music, and a leading importer of world music to the clubs.’
    • ‘One way of tackling it is to ensure that we can attract overseas talent to come to Scotland; if we cannot and we do not become a net importer of critical skills, our economy will suffer severely.’
    • ‘Spain has always been an importer of coaching excellence and England, in the last decade, has acted similarly.’