Meaning of impossible dream in English:

impossible dream


  • A highly desirable yet seemingly unattainable goal or aspiration.

    ‘within a few years folks could hardly remember why anyone had thought the four-minute mile was an impossible dream’
    • ‘Rovers fans are beginning to dream the impossible dream’
    • ‘Turning swords into ploughshares seems abruptly to be an impossible dream for mankind.’
    • ‘Standing just feet away from your red carpet heroes on the sunny French Riviera would seem an impossible dream to most teenagers.’
    • ‘For regular guys, slam-dunking seems like an impossible dream.’
    • ‘A coach driver with 28 years' experience fears it is an "impossible dream" that youngsters will belt up on school buses.’
    • ‘By eliminating some of the middlemen they hope to accomplish what can seem like an impossible dream: making a decent living from a small, family farm.’
    • ‘World peace is an impossible dream, surely?’
    • ‘A society where everyone can be proud of his or her heritage while defending the land we have chosen to live in is not an impossible dream.’
    • ‘They pursue impossible dreams, work ridiculous hours, and resolve unsolvable problems.’
    • ‘There have been some 16,000 big leaguers in over a hundred years of baseball and maybe 16 million who dreamed the impossible dream.’