Meaning of imprest in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪmprɛst/


  • 1A fund used by a business for small items of expenditure and restored to a fixed amount periodically.

    as modifier ‘this petty cash is kept on the imprest system’
    • ‘This statement outlines procedures for establishing and maintaining a departmental imprest checking account.’
    • ‘These guidelines apply to expenditures of cash imprest, cash advance or your own cash to be reimbursed.’
    • ‘The report should show that the amount of imprest cash authorized and the total cash on hand equal zero.’
    • ‘The CFO must manage and operate imprest funds in accordance with Treasury and Departmental regulations.’
    • ‘Vouchers for reimbursement of imprest accounts should be prepared and submitted to accounts payable within the month.’
    1. 1.1A sum of money advanced to a person for a particular purpose.


Mid 16th century from the earlier phrase in prest ‘as a loan’, influenced by Italian or medieval Latin imprestare ‘lend’.