Meaning of impro in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪmprəʊ/


mass noun informal
  • Improvisation, especially as a theatrical technique.

    • ‘half the skill in impro lies in second-guessing the audience’
    • ‘as impro exercise’
    • ‘an impro of this kind’
    • ‘Tony Slattery and Josie Lawrence are impro greats, but lack Merton's punishing, satirical, none-more-topical sting.’
    • ‘With a trademark mix of impro, live music and inventive storytelling, The Chaingang Gang follows Cartoon de Salvo's previous hits Meat and Two Veg and Ladies and Gentlemen.’
    • ‘During impro, Ingo made a number of statements related to beliefs and lifestyles and asked our characters to stand up if they were true of them.’
    • ‘So I expected the sound to be a hybrid of free jazz traditions and the newer impro streams that I know are evolving in Sydney.’
    • ‘‘We really aren't like an impro band,’ insists Hisham, who doesn't think there's anything noisy about their music.’


1970s abbreviation.