Meaning of improbably in English:


Pronunciation /ɪmˈprɒbəbli/


  • In an unexpected or unlikely manner.

    ‘monasteries perch improbably on crags and cliff tops’
    • ‘a barbecue lunch including, improbably, a jar of caviar each’
    • ‘everyone in the film is improbably gorgeous’
    • ‘The curved capsule seems improbably fragile, like a giant insect cocoon lodged among the trees.’
    • ‘This year, summer has appeared improbably early.’
    • ‘There have long been debates about the accuracy of composers' metronome marks, many of which have seemed improbably slow or fast to later generations.’
    • ‘He and his adversary the sheriff improbably both sleep with the same woman.’
    • ‘The main character is a dancer, who improbably has absolutely no problem getting involved with a crack dealer.’
    • ‘The Italian composer was born, improbably enough, at Newcastle upon Tyne.’
    • ‘Everyone in the film is improbably gorgeous.’
    • ‘The book is a tedious affair that meanders along the journey of its plot before marooning us in an improbably happy ending.’
    • ‘Improbably yet convincingly, the film ends on an optimistic note.’
    • ‘A frustratingly large number of improbably tall people seemed to enjoy competing with each other to see who could spend the most time stood directly in front of me.’