Meaning of improv in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪmprɒv/


another term for impro
‘The challenge was to integrate script and improv, so the improv drives the script and the script illuminates the improv.’
  • ‘Last year, they had a late-night improv tournament over three nights.’
  • ‘I certainly couldn't see him getting involved in something like the improv at The Comedy Store.’
  • ‘I heard Ms. Malek might make us do in-character improvs.’
  • ‘Perhaps fed by exhaustion and his traditional pre-gig cocktails, Jackie's improvs at Maxie's were getting decidedly bizarre.’
  • ‘Brash, brawny but capable of a hushed delicacy, the duo's music owes as much to the psychedelic improvs of the US ‘jam band’ movement as to any notions of ‘jazz’ (um, whatever that is).’
  • ‘In some ways the piece actually sounds like Sun Ra a little bit, because there's a lot of improvs in it - or rather there's sections where there's improvised bits in it.’
  • ‘Each of the play's three acts was workshopped extensively, with the writers ultimately shaping a script incorporating the best parts from all the improvs.’
  • ‘And it became really clear that Seth has the mind of a writer - his improvs were just way too good.’
  • ‘One wrong note is all it takes to distract the trumpeters playing their improvs a full octave higher than the rest of us and that puts off the clarinet players.’
  • ‘I did a few improv shows in Japan and I was also writing a piece.’
  • ‘I must admit, as mad at him as I was, I was still very impressed with the improv.’
  • ‘But improv often seems as much work for the audience as it is for the performers.’
  • ‘For us, if you liked 50 per cent of your own improv after the show, that's a pretty good track record.’
  • ‘The comedian's meticulously prepared material is hidden very carefully between the improv he slides into his show.’
  • ‘Eventually we'd gone through the basic routine and the contra-master encouraged us to attempt a few improv moves.’
  • ‘The show's MC will indulge in a little improv spoken word between sets.’
  • ‘It wasn't until he finished his little improv and I started to clap that he looked up at me.’
  • ‘If you fancy yourself a bit of an improv or would like to give it a try there will be a theatre sports workshop just for you!’
  • ‘Maybe I think it should be like a good improv… witty and clever and smart and off the cuff.’