Meaning of in-home in English:


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  • (of a service or activity) provided or taking place within a person's home.

    ‘in-home haircuts for children’
    • ‘Therapists providing similar in-home services may likewise make progress with clients with similar situations.’
    • ‘There have been many problems in providing adequate in-home services to elderly individuals over the past few years.’
    • ‘How to supervise therapists providing in-home services is another potential challenge.’
    • ‘They suggest considering coordination of in-home services, listening to services on audiotape or finding info on the internet.’
    • ‘This programme supports those families who are providing in-home care for the intellectually disabled and represents a very good investment of public funds.’
    • ‘Parents or couples with full-time careers may find that their work schedules require them to hire an in-home care provider for their child.’
    • ‘The program pays a modest hourly wage to workers who provide in-home care for hundred of thousands of low-income elderly, blind and disabled people.’
    • ‘Working at the clinic, he saw firsthand how older patients often found that Medicare wouldn't cover the costs of nurse's aides or in-home care.’
    • ‘There are an estimated 30,000 war widows in Kabul alone, so the ability to earn income from in-home work is not guaranteed.’
    • ‘But these increases were offset by the throngs of Americans who preferred in-home entertainment.’
    • ‘Before making a home visit, therapists should explain the rationale for the in-home therapy session.’
    • ‘Michigan is the only state with this protection for in-home education professionals.’
    • ‘The Foundation's in-home support service helps people in their own homes and the service will cost in the region of 80,000 euros this year.’
    • ‘There is also an in-home respite service for parents and carers of children under 18, which provides a break for the parents or carers.’
    • ‘The idea of leaving their home or receiving in-home help for everyday activities can be distressing for your parents.’
    • ‘The service includes an in-home visit during which the designer measures the space and takes digital photos.’
    • ‘She was offered the services of an in-home protection service worker but refused.’
    • ‘The demand for such in-home, insular entertainment continues to grow.’
    • ‘Supervised by home economist, their responsibilities include in-home economic and health education activities.’
    • ‘Apply for a home-based permit to help maintain your professional rights and positively impact initiatives that support in-home music teaching.’