Meaning of in-line engine in English:

in-line engine


  • A type of internal combustion engine used chiefly in aircraft, having its cylinders arranged in a row.

    ‘Inline engines are where the big torque ratings come from.’
    • ‘When did Volvo move from fours and sixes to 5-cylinder inline engines (Audi's old trademark)?’
    • ‘In the front, the P2's octagonal frame rails had to be extended to accommodate the Duratec 30 V6 engine, since Volvo uses thinner transverse-mounted inline engines.’
    • ‘The idea has been developed for inline engines, mainly those with four cylinders.’
    • ‘Conventionally built of steel tube, wood, and fabric, It had a mounted a 90-hp American Cirrus four cylinder inline engine under a hammered aluminum cowling.’