Meaning of in-line skates in English:

in-line skates

plural noun

  • A pair of roller skates in which the wheels on each boot are fixed in a single line along its sole.

    ‘He plans to ‘travel’ from York to the Royal British Legion conference at Blackpool on a pair of in-line skates.’
    • ‘To help pass the time, I do some serious downhill training on in-line skates.’
    • ‘They aren't roller skates, they're in-line skates, and I feel decidedly dodgy on them.’
    • ‘Prior to our sending him to Paris to write a story about Rollerblading through the city at night, he had never put on a pair of in-line skates.’
    • ‘Now, skateboards, in-line skates and bikes are almost necessities to young people.’
    • ‘A hill you hardly notice on foot can look like a black diamond ski run when you're on in-line skates.’
    • ‘The current models are updated versions of their 1950s predecessors and feature lightweight, foldable metals such as aluminium or titanium, narrow bases, and low friction wheels similar to those used in in-line skates.’
    • ‘The 14-year-old, who delivers the Bolton Evening News in Great Lever six nights a week on his in-line skates, is so well-liked by his customers that they gave him a staggering £165 in Christmas tips.’
    • ‘Among the endless list of items forbidden in grounds are ice boxes, deckchairs, in-line skates, balls, frisbees and fireworks, all of which are considered to be potentially lethal weapons.’
    • ‘There are notable Halloween pictures, such as a pair of knobby-kneed fourth-grade boys in pastel tutus on in-line skates, grinning from ear to ear.’
    • ‘An estimated 600,000 Quebecers use in-line skates, a number that is growing by approximately 100,000 each year..’
    • ‘Section 235 requires employers to ensure that a worker riding a bicycle or using in-line skates or a similar means of transport wears an approved cycling helmet.’
    • ‘He even claimed to neighbours in Fulham, west London, that he held the world record for the greatest number of double-decker buses jumped on in-line skates.’