Meaning of in a brown study in English:

in a brown study

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  • Absorbed in one's thoughts.

    ‘She murmured, and lost herself in a brown study.’
    • ‘Andrew and Emily began to get worried about me for I simply moped around or was often in a brown study.’
    • ‘After that awakening, I walked around in a brown study, trying to think of an appropriate response from us women.’
    • ‘And, at one time, I got so much into the habit of rapping that I used to catch myself doing it involuntarily, as a man in a brown study may rap with his fingers.’
    • ‘At that time, Holmes had kept his distance, thinking in a brown study but never leaping to his feet with the quarry in his sights.’
    • ‘The poor fellow was in a brown study for the next four hours.’
    • ‘We sat there for a few minutes in silence, Holmes obviously in a brown study and I not willing to disturb his brilliant mind while at work.’
    • ‘It hardly seems possible that a man could be so completely enveloped in a brown study that he would err in the matter of a wife and five children, but such was the case with Martin Luther.’
    • ‘The second movement, grave and poetic, is Brahms in a brown study.’
    • ‘There she lies close in shore; her skipper standing in her cockpit with arms akimbo, while he seems lost in a brown study.’
    lost in thought, lost in contemplation, in a reverie, thinking, reflecting, musing, pondering, contemplating, deliberating, ruminating, cogitating, dreaming, daydreaming
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    Apparently from brown in the sense ‘gloomy’.