Meaning of in a flash in English:

in a flash

(also like a flash)

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  • Very quickly; immediately.

    ‘she was out of the back door in a flash’
    • ‘I closed the door quickly and like a flash I was at the table filling my bag with the money once again.’
    • ‘They will sit on your rear bumper until they get a little bit of a straight road and then they are past you like a flash.’
    • ‘He was on to it like a flash, racing into the penalty area.’
    • ‘The cold was fierce and I was gone like a flash to get my woolies from the car before I got a dose of hypothermia.’
    • ‘The weekend passes like a flash, and we return to the daily grind of college, waiting for it to come again.’
    • ‘Peggy was out of the car in a flash, with Mrs Griffiths following her inside.’
    • ‘There had been ads on TV since September building up to Christmas, and it was all over in a flash.’
    • ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and three hours passed in a flash.’
    • ‘You could of course buy a jar of this delicious olive paste, but home-made tapenade can be done in a flash in a food processor.’
    • ‘Let me know if there's room on the back of your truck, and I'll be there in a flash.’
    instantly, suddenly, abruptly, immediately, instantaneously, all of a sudden
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