Meaning of in a row in English:

in a row

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  • 1Forming a line.

    ‘four chairs were set in a row’
    • ‘More than 20 panels are hung in a row around the gallery like segments of a long comic strip.’
    • ‘The only people living in a row of abandoned houses marked for redevelopment have told of their living nightmare.’
    • ‘Set them up in a row with about a body width between.’
    • ‘Place five chairs in a row at the front of the class.’
    • ‘By this division Thomas now came to own four houses in a row fronting Lower Street.’
    1. 1.1 informal In succession.
      • ‘he jumped nineteen clear rounds in a row’
      • ‘Murphy has contested the last six tournaments in a row and has no intention of stopping now.’
      • ‘If they work six days in a row, they are also legally entitled to a weekly rest period of 45 hours.’
      • ‘The team won the game on Tuesday, which made that their seventh straight win in a row.’
      • ‘Going for six in a row was no mean achievement but unfortunately it was not to be.’
      • ‘Export orders fell for the eighth month in a row, albeit at the slowest rate for six months.’
      • ‘It was the Bury side's fourth win in a row, helping them pull further clear of the relegation zone.’
      • ‘In previous years, the team struggled as they were forced to switch leagues for four seasons in a row.’
      • ‘The difficulty for Wales now is that a strange fixtures schedule sees them play three away games in a row.’
      • ‘It is the third year in a row in which arable farmers have been hit by a combination of relatively low harvests and other penalties.’
      • ‘The issue of the bridge came up again, for the second month in a row, and again the topic was hotly debated.’
      consecutively, one after the other, in succession
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