Meaning of in a sense in English:

in a sense


(also in one sense)
  • By a particular interpretation of a statement or situation.

    ‘in a sense, behaviour cannot develop independently of the environment’
    • ‘in one sense, this isn't a new development’
    • ‘But that general statement of principle is in one sense no help.’
    • ‘It's amusing in one sense that you have to sing in English to become accepted.’
    • ‘Perhaps it's not fashionable in one sense of the word, but it is devilishly stylish and perhaps rather reassuring to be outside of a box.’
    • ‘It's shaming in one sense, but never underestimate the depth of despair supporters are prepared to endure.’
    • ‘That's true in one sense, but there's a difference between getting that from a sports team and a street gang.’