Meaning of in a twitter in English:

in a twitter

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(also of a twitter)
  • In a state of agitation or excitement.

    • ‘he was in a twitter and yelling for help’
    • ‘she was all of a twitter and sat down giggling’
    • ‘R.'s in a twitter about how the house ‘looks’ which means I have an appointment with the vacuum cleaner.’
    • ‘All of the household servants were in a twitter over the fact that she was finally home again, fussing over her like a child.’
    • ‘He was in a pitiable state of reaction, with every nerve in a twitter.’
    • ‘The web design world is certainly in a twitter these days over the use of what are broadly known as Rich Internet Applications, whether they're created in Flash or in the emerging set of tools known as AJAX.’
    • ‘The story kicks off as young Prince Alexander assumes the Greek throne in 1917, soon falling in love with the lovely Aspasia Manos and embarking upon a scandalous secret marriage that puts all of Athens in a twitter.’
    panic, frenzy, fluster, flutter, flurry, pother