Meaning of in all but name in English:

in all but name

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  • Existing in a particular state but not formally recognized as such.

    ‘these polytechnics had been universities in all but name for many years’
    • ‘First, the old polytechnics were rebranded as universities - a process of levelling-down that has really meant many old universities becoming polys in all but name.’
    • ‘The authority to award degrees makes the institution a university in all but name, he said.’
    • ‘True, it had now rebelled against the mother country and was a pariah state: but it was still recognizably British in all but name.’
    • ‘After the Revolution of 1905, law faculties were founded at women's higher courses that had become universities in all but name.’
    • ‘That's why the civil unions law in Connecticut has them so hyper - they recognize it as the equivalent of marriage in all but name.’
    • ‘While it isn't being called marriage, it is the creation of a relationship that is marriage in all but name.’
    • ‘It's quite clear what they're doing: this is basically gay marriage in all but name.’
    • ‘Sometimes you know you are running a murder investigation in all but name.’
    • ‘It's a brownfield site in all but name, even though there are plans to demolish some buildings to try and make it look more like green belt.’
    • ‘The report accused the bank of a cover-up in all but name and the bank faces a bill of over €34m for overcharging clients and related interest due.’
    in effect, effectively, all but, more or less, practically, almost, nearly, close to, approaching, not far from, nearing, verging on, bordering on, well nigh, nigh on, just about, as good as, essentially, in essence, in practical terms, for all practical purposes, to all intents and purposes, in all but name