Meaning of in all one's born days in English:

in all one's born days

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  • Used to express surprise at something one has not encountered before.

    ‘in all my born days I've never seen the like of it’
    • ‘It's not going to be very difficult to convince me to attend anything at the Esplanade Studios in future, because I have never heard such amazing sound in a gig in all my born days.’
    • ‘‘Never in all our born days!’ the woman exclaimed.’
    • ‘Finally he pushed his chair back, wiped his mouth with a sleeve that had seen such service often before and spoke: ‘Bruther, that was the best feed I ever had in all my born days.’’
    • ‘I never saw that degree of consistency from garden produce, not in all my born days I didn't.’
    • ‘There she saw a pair of family-heirloom "candlewick" bedspreads, the handsomest bedspreads she had seen in all her born days.’
    • ‘She told me that in all her born days she had never had to do anything like that and that she was not intending to in the near future, either.’
    • ‘Edith said she had never seen anything like it in "all her born days".’
    • ‘In the castle kitchen a great fire was blazing, and Halvor went into it, but such a kitchen he had never seen in all his born days.’
    • ‘Even if she did still seem mad, and possessed a voice shrill enough to crack glass, she was the most gorgeous female he'd ever seen in all his born days.’
    • ‘“He never had a gun like this in his hand in all his born days.”’
    • ‘"In all my born days, in all my experience on the job, I haven't seen anything like this."’
    • ‘That was the strangest thing I ever saw in all my born days.’
    • ‘In all my born days I have never seen a West Indies side capitulate as often, as feebly or as carelessly as this one has done time and time again.’
    • ‘You never heard such screaming and carryin' on in all your born days!’
    • ‘You never saw such an attentive audience in all your born days.’