Meaning of in another person's shoes in English:

in another person's shoes


  • In another person's situation or predicament.

    ‘if I'd been in your shoes I'd have walked out on him’
    • ‘ put yourself in his shoes and consider how you would have responded’
    • ‘Yes, I know that sounds strange and mildly racist, but until you've been in my shoes for that situation, you just don't know.’
    • ‘If you put yourself in my shoes for a moment, you will understand my situation.’
    • ‘I can't say I've been in your shoes, or know anybody in quite the same situation.’
    • ‘This is your life, and this is your body, but I've thought about this, nothing else, for the last two weeks, and what I came to was that if I were in your shoes, I would do exactly the same thing.’
    • ‘Which leads me to my second, and more confrontational, suggestion - one which I, frankly, would would be unable to resist if I were in your shoes.’
    • ‘I think that is probably how I would react if I were in their shoes.’
    • ‘He was upset about the pictures of prisoners of war aired on television and added that he would be scared if he were in their shoes.’
    • ‘If you were in their shoes wouldn't you have been already celebrating a semi-final place.’
    • ‘People aren't happy to hear me say that, but if they were in my shoes, looking at the whole picture, they'd feel the same way.’
    • ‘What other conclusion would you come to, if you were in my shoes?’
    situation, position, circumstances, condition