Meaning of in black and white in English:

in black and white

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  • 1In writing or print.

    ‘she had abandoned all hope of getting her contract down in black and white’
    • ‘Of course, the charts were printed right there in black and white, and they were always dominated by stuff like this.’
    • ‘It's all there in black and white, in leaked European Union documents which are now published on the Internet.’
    • ‘Though this dependence was glossed over, it was there in black and white for anyone who chose to read the paper carefully enough.’
    • ‘It is there clearly in black and white - Nietzche states that a good social order demands hierarchy and slavery.’
    • ‘It is in black and white - the principal act is the Social Welfare Act.’
    • ‘On the other hand, unlike the latter, its independence was laid down in black and white.’
    • ‘There are no gray areas in a properly prepared contract; everything is spelled out in black and white.’
    • ‘But the bill says in black and white that if you share so much as a single tune with your pals on the Internet-as millions do every day-you are a felon.’
    • ‘After reading it in black and white, you'll find it nearly impossible, not to search the Net for some of these famous paintings.’
    • ‘There's no denying it if it's there in black and white.’
    in print, printed, written down, set down, on paper, committed to paper, recorded, on record, documented, clearly defined, explicitly defined, plainly defined
  • 2In terms of clearly defined opposing principles or issues.

    ‘children think in black and white, good and bad’
    • ‘They crave books which confirm mythical notions of a magnificent past, in which villains and heroes are clearly drawn in black and white.’
    • ‘You cannot see everything in this world in black and white terms.’
    • ‘Doping in sport tends to be presented in black and white terms, but this case illustrated that it is not always so simple.’
    • ‘Their understanding is simplistic and they see rules in black and white terms.’
    • ‘I think we are living in a world where people want to see things in black and white terms.’
    • ‘Analysis of issues was unnecessary because the world was painted in black and white.’
    • ‘Once exquisitely sensitive to racial political correctness, she now sees the world in black and white.’
    • ‘You tend to see the world in black and white, right or wrong.’
    • ‘Depressed people, Rita says, see things in black and white.’
    • ‘It's curious that those who talk about life being all about shades of grey suddenly see the world in black and white when it comes to corporate capitalism.’
    in absolute terms, unequivocally, without shades of grey, categorically, uncompromisingly, unconditionally, unambiguously, clearly, positively, straightforwardly, definitely, definitively