Meaning of in bottle in English:

in bottle


  • (of wine) having been aged for a specified number of years in its bottle.

    ‘the wine can be drunk after eight years in bottle’
    • ‘Despite this perception, experience shows many wines which age in bottle with substantial ullage exhibit no signs of oxidation.’
    • ‘Maybe this is an age thing, too - maybe that slight herbaceousness will factor out after the wine rests a few months in bottle.’
    • ‘It is also fairly tannic, and right now the wine is a bit disjointed, indicating it could use another one to three years in bottle.’
    • ‘Hard, tannic and even stern in youth, these reds need many years in bottle to show their best.’
    • ‘This wine spends two or three years in barrel after which it is then cellared in bottle for ten to 50 years.’
    • ‘The final feature of our old pal acid is helping fine wines in the process of aging - without sufficient acidity wines are unable to make the long journey in bottle.’
    • ‘Whilst tasty, these wines are rarely subtle or sufficiently well balanced for ageing and further development in bottle.’