Meaning of in bounds in English:

in bounds


  • Inside the part of a sports field or court in which play is conducted.

    ‘This way, when I pass the ball in bounds, the defense has to find their man and react to the situation.’
    • ‘Replays showed Johnson landed two feet in bounds.’
    • ‘Why shouldn't replay help decide whether he didn't land in bounds because of the tackle or because of his own momentum?’
    • ‘If he makes a mistake in the previous game, such as running a route short of its proper depth or not getting both feet in bounds, he'll be cognizant of it during practice the following week.’
    • ‘The official on the field ruled the catch good, but TV replays showed Johnson's elbow landed out of bounds before his second foot came down in bounds.’
    • ‘Proehl leaped, caught it, and kept both feet in bounds.’
    • ‘The passer immediately steps in bounds, preferably on the block.’
    • ‘When someone has to throw the ball in bounds, they only have 5 seconds to do so, or the other team gets the ball.’
    • ‘You throw the ball in bounds safely, and your player hugs the basketball and awaits the foul.’
    • ‘As long as any portion of the ball is in bounds, you can play this shot.’