Meaning of in broad daylight in English:

in broad daylight

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  • During daylight hours, and surprising for this reason.

    ‘the kidnap took place in broad daylight’
    • ‘People say they were surprised because it was in broad daylight.’
    • ‘How had McWilliams managed to get across a roof and drop down into the yard of a loyalist wing, in broad daylight, without being seen?’
    • ‘An 18-year-old woman had her handbag and lunch snatched from her as she walked to work in broad daylight.’
    • ‘Also remarkable is leaving the theater at about eleven thirty in broad daylight.’
    • ‘Most of the burglaries took place during the daytime in broad daylight.’
    • ‘It happened in broad daylight on a busy intersection in Makati, Manila's business district.’
    • ‘Last week a few miles outside Lucknow robbers stopped the traffic and began robbing passers-by in broad daylight.’
    • ‘It was entirely unprovoked and it took place in broad daylight.’
    • ‘There are people who steal flowers in broad daylight from the flower beds.’
    • ‘It has not helped that bank robberies have been carried out mere yards from a city police station in broad daylight.’
    • ‘Tuesday's early-morning attack was the eighth committed in a public place in broad daylight.’
    • ‘I recently witnessed another heist pulled off in broad daylight by our local law enforcement.’
    • ‘Criminals should not be allowed to commit crimes with impunity in broad daylight.’
    • ‘They're in every evening and weekend in broad daylight where people can seem them.’
    • ‘It's not like it was in a dark alley at night, it was in broad daylight.’
    • ‘It took thieves less than 15 minutes to steal the goods in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon.’
    • ‘Some months ago I witnessed a similar incident at the same roundabout, this time in broad daylight.’
    • ‘After all, she chased Dorothy and the lads around in broad daylight for nearly 90 minutes.’
    • ‘Staff believe the culprits must have taken the flowers in broad daylight.’
    • ‘A banned motorist who tried to flee from police through residential areas in Keighley during broad daylight has been jailed for a total of 15 months.’
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