Meaning of in bulk in English:

in bulk


  • 1(of goods) in large quantities and generally at a reduced price.

    ‘retail multiples buy in bulk’
    • ‘They both have the advantage of selling more than one brand and, as they buy in bulk, prices are often lower than list.’
    • ‘These wines are then on promotion at the store for the month of July, and come with a case price for those wanting to buy in bulk.’
    • ‘What's more, the biggest buyer is the government, which buys in bulk at a very low price.’
    • ‘Worried police say adults are buying alcohol in bulk and selling it on at a jacked-up price to underage drinkers.’
    • ‘Walls have been insulated using old newspapers and there is a gas - fired community heating system, allowing fuel to be bought in bulk at a reduced cost.’
    • ‘Bulbs are available everywhere right now, even at the chain stores, but I get mine at a local garden center where I can inspect each bulb, buy in bulk, and mix and match.’
    • ‘There are several companies which have bought tickets in bulk to give out as prizes for various contests while others have taken them for their officials.’
    • ‘But I buy everything I need in bulk, to make sure I don't ever run out’
    • ‘The secret lies in the fact that it buys in bulk from China, whose marble is virtually indistinguishable from that of Italy, and commands fabulous discounts.’
    • ‘Prisons can save money by buying in bulk from producers with surplus goods.’
  • 2(of a cargo or commodity) not packaged; loose.

    ‘sugar is imported in bulk and bagged on the island’
    • ‘After rapid estufagem in tank, the wine is aged for about 18 months before being shipped in bulk, often having been coloured and sweetened with caramel.’
    • ‘We never buy tea in bulk and store it because it tends to lose its flavour.’
    • ‘The compost created at the Compton Bassett plant will be named Warrior Compost and will be available to the public in bags or in bulk.’
    • ‘If you purchase nuts in bulk, keep some in a jar for immediate use and freeze the rest.’
    • ‘Flour used to be purchased in bulk and came packaged in colorful cotton sacks.’
    • ‘But as a commodity sold in bulk, soy beans and oil are not worth much.’
    • ‘The cracker barrel was an institution in American general stores and groceries which sold crackers loose in bulk.’
    • ‘Soybeans are easier to treat, and a higher percentage of soybeans are sold in bulk, which facilitates treatment.’
    • ‘Until the mid to late 1950's most commodities were delivered in bulk and weighed or measured into smaller quantities for sale.’
    • ‘Coffee traders and roasters insist that coffee must be shipped in bulk and before roasting, claiming that a bean once roasted does not improve.’