Meaning of in canon in English:

in canon


  • With different parts successively beginning the same melody.

    ‘In the RCM parts, the verse section occupying bars 60-88 of the anthem is allocated thoughout, more or less strictly in canon at the octave, to soloists singing from the medius cantoris and tenor decani partbooks.’
    • ‘Also the tintinnabulation parts appear in canon and at different speeds.’
    • ‘And then, just to make the point absolutely clear, above the voice entries you hear first the trumpet and then the oboe, with an appropriate chorale melody and then again, those two are in canon.’
    • ‘The live dancers perform alongside their own images on film, in unison or in canon or counterpoint.’
    • ‘The work opens with a theme that is treated in canon by violin, glockenspiel, and piano in the high register, which was the original combination envisioned by Wustin (he added viola and cello later).’