Meaning of in case in English:

in case

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(also just in case)
  • 1As a provision against something happening or being true.

    ‘we put on thick jumpers, in case it was cold’
    • ‘I am chuffed to bits about what is happening but still nervous in case anything goes wrong.’
    • ‘He did not want to be photographed in case it should happen again.’
    • ‘I wanted the police to know what was taking place in case something happened to us.’
    • ‘She was now on her feet but afraid to approach the door in case the same thing happened again.’
    • ‘Will we need wet-weather gear in case it rains, or sweaters if the nights get cold?’
    • ‘So what contingency plans are in place in case the almost unimaginable were to happen?’
    • ‘I wrapped it in cardboard and a jumper then put it in a bin liner in case it rained.’
    • ‘My colleagues said I should stock up on food in case the storm made it difficult to shop.’
    • ‘They are afraid to talk to the student involved in case they say the wrong thing and upset them.’
    • ‘What are all the available exit routes in case I need to get out in a hurry?’
  • 2If it is true that.

    ‘in case you haven't figured it out, let me explain’
    • ‘Oh, and in case you're interested, the audience did stand for the Hallelujah chorus.’
    • ‘Word has it they're making a film version of the piece, so keep an eye out in case you missed it.’
    • ‘I had covered it in one of my first columns so in case you missed it, here goes again.’
    • ‘Just in case I haven't already made it clear, it's time for Lindsay to be discovered.’
    • ‘Just in case any of you haven't heard, there was another memo released.’
    • ‘I lit the fire near Canada Water, in case you were worried about the London Eye burning down.’
    • ‘However, in case you are wondering, Newcastle is still my favourite city in England!’
    • ‘Just in case anyone missed it the first time, this is for kids that can't afford mobile phones.’
    • ‘Oh, and in case you are going to criticise me, Brian, these are God's words, not mine.’
    • ‘She tells herself this regularly, spells it out in case we might have not been paying attention.’