Meaning of in case of in English:

in case of

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  • In the event of (a particular situation)

    ‘instructions about what to do in case of fire’
    • ‘He had taken it in case of this kind of situation but he hoped he would never have to use it.’
    • ‘Kennedy and Mackenzie rushed to them, eyes on the hillside in case of further attack.’
    • ‘We have to have a emergency exit sign over the door in case of fire.’
    • ‘The buildings should have an alternate power supply system in case of power failure due to fire.’
    • ‘Finally, don't forget to keep a note of serial numbers in case of theft.’
    • ‘Keep product literature in case of future questions and complete warranty cards.’
    • ‘Obtain a number of quotes from reputable local traders, and get them in writing in case of problems’
    • ‘Locals called it The Dump and joked that even the rats wore wellington boots in case of catching something nasty.’
    • ‘His anxious daughter even bought a mobile phone for him specially, in case of emergency.’
    • ‘Seat belts are necessary in case of accidents, such as braking to a sudden stop.’