Meaning of in character in English:

in character


  • In keeping with someone's usual pattern of behaviour and motives.

    ‘his outburst was entirely in character’
    • ‘The judge said she could have gone to prison if anybody had been hurt but her job was of value to the community and her behaviour had been out of character.’
    • ‘This isn't the most flattering anecdote, but the behaviour is in character.’
    • ‘He claims to be mercenary, yet often acts out of character, especially in the third act.’
    • ‘An outburst would be out of character for such a languid, easy-going figure.’
    • ‘Rachel's disappearance was totally out of character and police yesterday launched a huge appeal for help to trace her.’
    • ‘It was an act so completely out of character that it caused instant unease to his mother who reported his disappearance to the police.’
    • ‘Their families say the disappearance is completely out of character.’
    • ‘He said emotions could run high at such a traumatic time and cause people to do things that were out of character.’
    • ‘I have known him for seven years and he's never done anything like it before, it's totally out of character.’
    • ‘He had an exemplary work record and the attacks were out of character.’
    typical, usual, normal, predictable, habitual, in character