Meaning of in common with in English:

in common with

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  • In the same way as.

    ‘in common with other officers I had to undertake guard duties’
    • ‘Seems I've run out of things to say about events in the Middle East, in common with most people it would appear.’
    • ‘Tomato leaves, in common with most higher plants, use sucrose as the major form of transported carbon.’
    • ‘I must admit, in common with Britney, I've never felt sexy in any of my clothes.’
    • ‘Suddenly, in common with the other black-shirted forwards, he looked exhausted.’
    • ‘It used to be called Beowulf Crescent but the name was changed years ago, in common with many other streets in York.’
    • ‘The Chinese, in common with many other cultures, like to send the corpse on its way with gifts placed in the coffin.’
    • ‘Kennet District Council, in common with other councils, was given a housing allocation.’
    • ‘HIV is here to stay, and in common with every other virus in the world, we've no idea how to even begin curing it.’
    • ‘The government is expected to turn to the right - in common with much of Europe.’
    • ‘The organization, in common with other train companies, is often the subject of bad press.’