Meaning of in consideration of in English:

in consideration of

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  • In return for; on account of.

    ‘he paid them in consideration of their services’
    • ‘The 1872 Appointment was expressed to be executed in consideration of, among other things, the payment of various sums by the 4th Duke to him to enable him to discharge his debts and for other purposes.’
    • ‘By each assignment the assignor was expressed to assign to him in consideration of £1 rights which were defined as follows.’
    • ‘In any act of corruption, there is a definite ingredient of ‘misconduct’ as the act of corruption is mostly committed in consideration of personal gain or profit, and or against intended legal purposes.’
    • ‘There should be a clear-cut explanation because it previously asserted it would seek phased privatization of such government-owned firms for the coming three to four years in consideration of their share prices.’
    • ‘It need scarcely be said that the accounts of a competent maitre d' hotel are often questionable, but perhaps, in consideration of the trouble saved, this is a point that need not be too closely scrutinised.’
    • ‘We would hope that consideration will be made towards the protection and future historic development of the house and gardens in consideration of the generous and lifelong service the occupant gave to Scotland as a whole.’
    • ‘When buying a company, goodwill is the extra sum paid in consideration of things like the strength of a company's brand, the quality of its workforce and other intangible assets.’
    • ‘Last week he finally received double that, $30, in consideration of payment being so late.’
    in exchange for, in consideration of