Meaning of in drink in English:

in drink


  • When intoxicated.

    ‘we've hit each other before, in drink’
    • ‘I have no doubt that during his periods of service in Germany he was drinking heavily and when in drink was aggressive and on occasions violent.’
    • ‘We will continue to pursue those who flout licensing regulations in supplying drink to minors and those already in drink.’
    • ‘We have to take children home aged 13 or 14 who are in drink and to be honest we never know what reaction we are going to get from the parents.’
    • ‘He told him: ‘This offence was obviously committed whilst in drink.’’
    • ‘The spokesman added: ‘We think the woman was in drink at the time, but this was a very distressing and serious incident.’’
    • ‘He added that there continued to be a problem with people under the age of 18 buying alcohol from off licences, and the number of incidents involving youths in drink was still too high.’
    • ‘At her original trial at Leeds Crown Court, the jury heard how the couple had a stormy relationship, with frequent arguments and both had a temper, especially in drink.’
    • ‘He's had problems with committing offences while in drink.’
    • ‘The boy's large size tended to make people wary of him, but when not in drink, he was an ‘affable lad’.’
    • ‘Both solicitors said the brothers had been in drink during the fight.’