Meaning of in every corner in English:

in every corner

(also at every corner, on every corner)


  • Everywhere.

    ‘tiny pieces of degraded plastic have turned up in every corner of the planet’
    • ‘it's difficult to readjust when the past assaults you at every corner’
    • ‘Food is inspected and health and safety executives lurk at every corner, ready to pounce if there is any chance that you are enjoying yourself.’
    • ‘The work that's been carried out by the group over the past quarter of a century is in evidence in every corner.’
    • ‘When we deployed, there seemed to be gunmen on every corner.’
    • ‘How wonderful is it to be in a city with a choice of cafes on every corner, where one can sit inside or outside, linger indefinitely over a coffee or a glass of wine, and order food or not as one chooses.’
    • ‘Rio has suco stands on every corner in many districts, serving fresh juice from every fruit you can imagine and a few you cannot.’
    • ‘When I worked at an academic bookstore, we'd hire Reg to blanket the city with posters for our twice-annual sale - overnight, he could have a poster on every corner.’
    • ‘For seven days York turns into a veritable theme park with axe-wielding bearded chaps on every corner, trying to look enigmatic because that's what they think Vikings did.’
    • ‘In the 1990's, a coffee bar was launched on every corner as the country realized Seattle not only had cool grunge but also iced coffee.’
    • ‘I thought when I came to rainy old England, I'd fit in - but with a tanning lounge on every corner, and cheap Ibiza holidays a dime a dozen, I was sadly mistaken.’
    • ‘It's huge, there's a McDonald's on every corner.’