Meaning of in fact in English:

in fact

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(also in point of fact)
  • Used to emphasize the truth of an assertion, especially one contrary to what might be expected or what has been asserted.

    ‘the brook trout is in fact a char’
    • ‘It is in fact the truth: she's told the story so many times she now thinks she made it up.’
    • ‘Whether she was in fact telling the truth is of course an entirely different matter.’
    • ‘I looked down at the hand of his I could see and realized he was in fact telling the truth.’
    • ‘In other words, this opposition group, in point of fact, has a very good record in terms of its accuracy and its veracity?’
    • ‘This seems like an obvious truth, and yet there is in fact no evidence to support it.’
    • ‘You were actually in contest with your governor, in point of fact, over the awarding of contracts to foreign-based companies.’
    • ‘And in point of fact, the notion that any species is ‘more evolved’ than another in evolutionary theory is nonsense right from the start.’
    • ‘Now that is so easy to raise hopes and, in point of fact, hype results, but this experimental vaccine has proved to be, so far, 100 percent effective in some instances.’
    • ‘Intelligence is not all that important in the exercise of power, and is often, in point of fact, useless.’
    • ‘Well, in point of fact, both sides have recognized and acknowledged that this mid-air collision took place in international waters.’
    actually, in actuality, in actual fact, really, in reality, in point of fact, as a matter of fact, in truth, if truth be told, to tell the truth, the truth is, the truth was
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