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in front

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  • 1In a position just ahead of or further forward than someone or something else.

    ‘the car in front stopped suddenly’
    • ‘The tank in front moved forward and engaged the convoy in the open area.’
    • ‘She slumped to the ground and positioned her legs out in front to catch the sun.’
    • ‘The jet positions itself, in front, and slightly under the prop plane.’
    • ‘Looking back on it now, do you think that you could still have been in front and had pole position if you'd had those extra two laps of fuel in the car?’
    • ‘Once a shark is spotted, the boat is positioned well in front and the divemaster gets in the water.’
    • ‘Should a child run out in front, we can stop far quicker than any car.’
    • ‘The car pulled over in Long Street and the police car pulled in front.’
    • ‘All, in my opinion, could have been avoided if people hadn't been driving up the bumper of the car in front.’
    • ‘So it is extremely hard to get close to the car in front, let alone pass it.’
    • ‘On one side fields stretch out into blackness, but in front and to the right blaze thousands of halogen lamps.’
    ahead, to the fore, at the fore, at the head, up ahead, at twelve o'clock, in the vanguard, in the van, in the lead, leading, coming first
    ahead of, before, preceding
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    1. 1.1In the lead in a game or contest.
      ‘United went back in front thanks to a penalty’
      • ‘The Popstars girls are out in front early lead in the fight for the Christmas number one, early music industry figures showed.’
      • ‘As the recounting went on into a holiday weekend, Bush remained in front with an unofficial lead of just 675 votes.’
      • ‘We've not always been in front in games, we've lost goals, but we've shown a bit of grit and determination to come back.’
      • ‘Three points on the trot edged them in front as the game entered injury time.’
      • ‘This put Mount Sion a point in front, a lead they were not to surrender thereafter.’
      • ‘A goal by Enda Kenny put Kilmovee in front and this lead was never relinquished by them.’
      • ‘County, so fragile at times last season, are making the most of what they have, though, and stayed out in front yesterday.’
      • ‘Chelsea will continue to set the pace in the Premiership, staying in front all the way to the finish.’
      • ‘Kendal had to work hard to stay in front in the second half but overall they were the dominant side and missed several chances.’
      • ‘Ted Kennedy was following up to send home the rebound and Wicklow were in front to stay.’
      leading position, leading place, first place, advance position, van, vanguard
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  • 2On the part or side that normally first presents itself to view.

    ‘a house with a wide porch in front’
    • ‘In the medieval period there was a wide ditch in front crossed by a drawbridge.’
    • ‘First thing we spot in Taree is the bike shop where my bike is and lo and behold, there's a car in front.’