Meaning of in God's name in English:

in God's name

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  • Used in questions to emphasize anger or surprise.

    ‘what in God's name are you doing?’
    • ‘Where in God's name can I find a decent paella in this town?’
    • ‘Let me ask you one last question: How in God's name did this thing happen?’
    • ‘If you can say whatever you want to say, why in God's name would you say the same things as everyone else?’
    • ‘Because whatever about that particular school, there's a wider issue involved here: what, in God's name, is the Church doing subsidising the education of the rich?’
    • ‘How, in God's name, could it be expected to appeal to those ladies who, at eight o'clock on a Sunday evening, sit down with a glass of sweet sherry to snuggle up in the comfort blanket of Heartbeat or Where The Heart Is?’
    • ‘I often thought, ‘How in God's name can we go up against that?’’
    • ‘Who in God's name, I asked myself, are The Valves?’
    • ‘The contents of some drawers made me weep - why, in God's name, had I saved 37 ketchup packets?’
    • ‘How in God's name can you justify awarding costs against a party who consistently sought to be in a different and less expensive forum?’
    • ‘How in God's name can that kind of price hike equate with inflation?’